Testimonials (b)

Prof. Dr. Annemieke Robeek
Professor of Strategy and Transformation Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

“Now that older people stay more youthful in spirit, the trick is in devising a marketing strategy for people who do not want to be seen as ‘being older’ but who will, nevertheless, develop the need for products that enable them to continue to be active, mobile, healthy and young at heart.”

Prof. Dr. Eugene Loos
Endowed Professor of old and new media in an aging society at the University of Amsterdam

“This timely volume gives us insight into a growing marketing segment: the mature consumer. In the academic marketing literature, the generation of older consumers has mainly been constructed through segmentation by chronological, cognitive and/or subjective age. Edgar Keehnen uses a different approach by focusing on ageing, which allows us to get a better understanding of the mature consumer. Grey Ocean Strategy should be read by marketers and researchers who are grappling with agewise marketing for the mature consumer.” 

Prof. Dr. Hans Kasper
Professor of Marketing and Market Research, Chair in older consumers’ behaviour.

“It is essential that businesses gain a better insight into the behavior of older consumers. This book offers many challenging ideas for developing a marketing strategy specifically for this growing target audience.”

Allard Vogelpoel
Manager CRM Holland Casino

“Finally a book that offers a complete insight into mature marketing. It provides both theories and insights into how and why the mature target group come to the decisions they take, as well as practical tips on how to use the Soft Spots to seize opportunities. A must read for everyone who wants to know and understand how to connect with this target group.”

Marcel Aalders
Marketing Manager Prominent Comfortproducten

“It’s clear in mature marketing that chronological age says nothing about an older consumer’s mindset. It’s their cognitive age that counts. Fortunately, Keehnen shows us that there are universal marketing rules for each marketing plan aimed at this heterogeneous target group. I can think of very few well-founded marketing books that are so well suited for application in the field as this one. Indispensable for every marketer who wants to start taking consumers over 50 seriously.”

Klaas Niewold
Director Customer Segment Seniors  ABN AMRO

“In a world in which real insights and opportunities regarding the mature market are often still in their infancy, Grey Ocean Strategy provides insights, inspiration and tools with which to develop and accommodate this wonderful and promising market. A must read for every consumer marketer and entrepreneur.”

Pieter Paul Verheggen
CEO of Motivaction International

“We all know that the global population is aging. But how do you effectively cater to that older consumer? And what do you need to truly ‘link into’ the ideas and values of this important group of citizens and consumers? Grey Ocean Strategy teaches us to understand the older consumer’s mindset from the inside and provides practical pointers for policy makers, marketers and communications experts to respond to this mindset in a meaningful way!”