Strategic Marketing for a New Age

The initial question for any business is, ‘what are the opportunities and threats caused by aging as a key force driving
change?’ To answer that question, we need to understand the timing of aging as a force driving change. It is obvious that aging is an urgent strategic issue. In the United States, Canada and Europe as well as in Asia Pacific and Africa, aging is already on its way and will continue to grow for the next two decades. The next question deals with the impact of the force on your industry in general and your company in specific. It can be assumed that aging will have a big impact on industries such as hospitality, tourism, education, culture, housing, care and legacy, which will be confronted with big opportunities for business. Once the relevant implications of aging on the industry have been determined, the ability to develop the most effective strategy to deal with the force of aging will lead to the road to success. When management is not able to define the relevant implications of aging on their business, they will be left wondering what’s going on. If management only focuses on external and internal analysis, they will only be watching what’s happening. But if management is able to translate these analyses into effective strategy development, they will be able to make things happen.
But how do we go about developing a successful strategy? The book Grey Ocean Strategy is not meant to give the one and only answer to this question, simply because of the fact that there is no one and only answer. In this book, however, the author will share with you some serious “food for thought” based on many years of experience.