The Psychology of Aging video

In the book Grey Ocean Strategy, Agewise Marketing for the Mature Consumer, these video’s are used to illustrate the storyline. Do have fun looking at them.

Help the Aged

KFC – Love is forever

Grandma first flying


When developing a Grey Ocean Strategy, we also need to seriously consider the other age dimensions. This ties in with the British organization Help the Aged’s “See me” campaign from the late 1990s, in which an ‘old’ woman urges people to see past her chronological age and to consider other dimensions of aging.


Advertisements do not have to be expressly aimed at mature consumers. However, their existence must be acknowledged while showing energy values like in this advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken from Ogilvy in South Africa:

If you want to know more about what a life event can do for the cognitive age, have a look at An and Ria, having their first flight.


More video’s: